The dues for membership of Bermie Ex-Po is $40 per annum and our financial year runs from 1st January – 31st December.

The usual time to pay dues is on or before our annual January Cocktail Reception which is normally held each year at the Police Officer’s Mess, Prospect. Membership fees can either be paid directly to our Treasurer, Eddie Davies, or through direct deposit into our current account at the Bank of Butterfield #20006060678460100.  

Members attending the annual cocktail party in January are required to pay their dues either before or on the night.

As result of an amendment to the consitution at our AGM on 12th April 2012 a change was made so that members 70 & over will pay 50% of the annual dues per year. We do NOT charge annual dues to members who live overseas. Widows and widowers of former officers, together with retired civilian staff, are honorary members and are not required to pay dues.