Police Promote 19 officers to Sergeant and Inspector 


Constables promoted to Sergeant on 4th August 2022
 Standing (l-r) Sergeants -  Anton Gilbert, Jonathan McAlpine-Talbot, Khalid Pitcher,
Seymour Foote, Ascensius Jn Baptiste, Crystal Correia, Eddie Shillingford and Mark Procter
Not pictured -  Adrian Haynes, Joanne Repose and Ian Simpson
Sergeants promoted to Inspector on 4th August 2022
Standing (l-r)  Inspectors -  Mark Tomlinson, David Bhagwan, Derrick Golding, 
Fiona Miller, Clifford Roberts, Andrew Smalling, Jason Smith
Not pictured - Chief Inspector Scott Devine

Both the Royal Gazette and Bernews have published news about the promotions of 19 police officers on Thursday 4th August 2022 at a formal ceremony held at the Police Recreation Club at Prospect.  The Royal Gazette (CLICK HERE to view their article) report  as follows:-

“During the event last Thursday, 11 constables were promoted to the rank of sergeant, while seven sergeants became inspectors and one inspector became a chief inspector.

The promoted officers were joined by colleagues and loved ones during the small ceremony, which was held at the Police Recreation Club in Devonshire.

Michael Weeks, the Minister of National Security, congratulated the officers on their new appointments.

Darrin Simons, the Commissioner of Police, and Na’imah Astwood, the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, also spoke during the ceremony.

Scott Devine was appointed chief inspector and Mark Tomlinson, David Bhagwan, Derrick Golding, Fiona Miller, Clifford Roberts, Andrew Smalling and Jason Smith were promoted to inspector.

Anton Gilbert, Jonathan McAlpine-Talbot, Khalid Pitcher, Seymour Foote, Ascensius Jn Baptiste, Crystal Correia, Eddie Shillingford, Mark Procter, Adrian Haynes, Joanne Raposo and Ian Simpson were promoted to sergeant.

Bernews also reported on the ceremony and included a video of the event which you a can view in their article (CLICK HERE to view it on their website.)

This has to be the single largest number of promotions ever announced at one time,  and on behalf of ExPo we congratulate all of these 19 officers and wish them all the best as they move forward in their police careers.