COP Darrin Simons congratulates
Michel "Mick" Redfern on his retirement 
COP Darrin Simons congratulates
Timothy "Timmy" Evelyn on his retirement

We would like to heartily congratulate two of our colleagues, Mick Redfern and Timmy Evelyn, on their retirement after devoting almost 75 years service between them to the Bermuda Police Service.  We are sure than many of our "younger" members will have served with Mick and Timmy, and will join us in wishing them all the very best in their retirement.  Mike and Timmy are now "fully qualified" to join ExPo and we understand that, subject to confirmation of availability of the PRC, we will be holding our AGM and Annual Cocktail Party on Saturday 3rd February from 6pm - 9pm.  

 The following Press Release was issued by the BPS and you can CLICK HERE to read the article in the Royal Gazette.


Officers retire after almost
75 combined years of service

After almost 75 years combined service, police Constables Michael Redfern and Timothy Evelyn, have retired from the Bermuda Police Service.

Both officers were recently recognised by Commissioner Darrin Simons for their hard work, dedication to duty, leadership and mentoring as well as their commitment and dedication to service.

Michael "Mick" Redfern will be well remembered for his time as a senior investigative officer who worked on and helped solve a number of high profile cases along with helping to train up so many young officers helping them to hone their skills as detectives.

Timothy "Timmy" Evelyn is also well known among his colleagues for his high standards of policing and his efforts to ensure they too meet and do not deviate from those standards. 

Having made his mark in several areas of policing but most notably as a member of the Roads Policing Unit, Mr. Evelyn's willingness to pass on the knowledge and experience gained after more than thirty years with the BPS has helped ensure the newer members of the BPS are well prepared to meet the mandate of making Bermuda safer.

7th January 2024