Commissioner DeSilva has expressed his relief at  the downward trend exhibited by the latest crime statistics for the last quarter of 2013 and for the year end, as reported in the Royal Gazette on 1st February (CLICK HERE for the article published in the RG)

Overall crime continues to fall, and for the first time in five years, “all major crime categories are also on a decreasing trend”, Mr DeSilva announced on .

Giving the fourth-quarter and year-end figures for crime in 2013, Mr DeSilva noted that last year saw a continual quarterly drop of crimes against the person, which range from murder and assault to robbery and offences against children.

The final quarter of 2013 marked “the first time in five years in that quarter that no one was fatally shot and no one was injured by firearms,” he added.

“There are clearly some very positive indicators in last year’s crime report,” Mr DeSilva said, attributing the decline to “robust law enforcement — but, more importantly, community support, community efforts and community action”.

Crime overall in Bermuda has declined by 43 percent since 2000.

Commissioner DeSilva also reported that police security cameras are being expanded across the Island with an Island-wide network expected to “go live” on April 1, he said.

Public Safety Minister Dunkley praises police, public in the wake of lower crime statistics

Latest statistics that show a drop in major crimes are “encouraging and moving in the right direction”, said Public Safety Minister Michael Dunkley in an article published in the Royal Gazette on 3rd February (CLICK HERE for the article) following crime figures for the last quarter of 2013 and the year end statistics as released by Commissioner DeSilva.

Minister Dunkley praised police for building “solid community relationships” that were having a major impact on crime.

“Safe communities form the foundation for a recovery of the Island’s economic fortunes and this Government’s investment in keeping Bermuda safe by supporting the Bermuda Police Service is a sound strategy,” Mr Dunkley said.

“The Police Commissioner, his senior command and the men and women of the BPS have worked extremely hard over several years to build solid community relationships and to provide strong enforcement action.

 “The progress that has been made is most encouraging and the Government will continue to support the Police in their mission of keeping Bermuda safe.”