We were delighted to hear that three of our serving Bermuda police officers have received awards in the Queen's Birthday Honours  as reported on Bernews and in the Royal Gazette 

Bernews reported the three officers are:-

Detective Sergeant Gary Douglas Staines, QPM

Sergeant Staines has been a member of the Bermuda Police Service for the last 26 years. During this time he has made a significant and special contribution to local and international law enforcement efforts.

Chief Inspector Calvin Lee Smith, OTM

Chief Inspector Smith has been with the Bermuda Police Service for the last 32 years during which time he has held a variety of uniformed and detective posts. Most recently he heads up the Patrol Department and is responsible for delivering uniformed policing services from the Island’s three police stations. He also oversees the training and development programmes for new recruits and probationary constables.

Sergeant Gregory MacArthur Grimes OTM

Sergeant Grimes has served with the Bermuda Police Service since 1978. He has held a variety of posts within the service most recently as a custody sergeant at the island’s main police station. With the introduction of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the associated Codes of Practice, Sergeant Grimes managed the operational implementation of the project within the custody facility.

For more information about the Queen Birthday Honours check Bernews at http://bernews.com/2016/06/dd-queens-birthday-honours-list-2016/

The awards were also published in an article in the Royal Gazette  which can be found at http://www.royalgazette.com/news/article/20160611/honours-list-reward-for-bermuda-figures

We offer our hearty congratulations to Gary, Calvin and Greg.