The Royal Gazette (Oct 31st 2018) reports that High-tech speed cameras are being considered to police the Island’s roads.

Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley
Photo courtesy the Royal Gazette


Commissioner Stephen Corbishley says that new speed cameras or upgrades to existing CCTV network could be used to cut down on speeding and other traffic offences.

Mr. Corbishley discusses at length how speed cameras could be used in a variety of ways and he was also optimistic about the effects of recently introduced breath test checkpoints which have resulted in 41 arrests out of 800 stops since the system was first introduced last month, and that people had changed their habits as a result.

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Many of us who have served in the Bermuda Police will have first-hand knowledge of the toll taken on our roads by impaired driving and speeding, and our members who now live abroad may have had more recent experience of the success or otherwise of speed cameras in other jurisdictions.

We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any input about the use of speed cameras in particular jurisdictions.