Back on the beat: Renée Ming MP and Stephen Corbishley, Commissioner of Police,

David Somers, president of Wilkinson Estates Ltd, with a certificate of thanks

(Photograph by Owain Johnston-Barnes)


I’m sure that any and all of our former colleagues who ever worked in Eastern Division will be delighted to read in the Royal Gazette (13th December 2019) an article announcing the official opening of a “new” Police Office at Somers Wharf in St. George’s.  See RG at
The article reports that a renovated building at Somer’s Wharf will be used as a base of operations for community police officers in the Olde Towne. As reported in the Royal Gazette, Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley said the office was the result of talks with the Government, area MPs and Wilkinson Estates Ltd, who kindly offered the property to the police service for an annual rent of $1.
Explained COP Corbishley “Our parish constables are going to work from here and our response officers have the opportunity to work out of these premises.”
The community policing office, housed in a renovated building on Somer’s Wharf,
will provide a base of operations for community police officers in the Olde Towne
(Photo courtesy of the Royal Gazette)


He added: “The most important thing is that it demonstrates the police’s presence in the St George’s community and that is a huge step forward and great for us, great for the BPS and great for Bermuda.”

You can read more about this positive development for St. George’s  in the Royal Gazette at the above link.