This morning’s Royal Gazette (1st April 2020) reports on Premier Burt’s press conference from last night in which the Premier confirmed that we now have 32 confirmed cases in Bermuda. Here’s an extract from the RG article:-
Bermuda has hit a “different stage” of the coronavirus crisis, the Premier said yesterday after five more positive tests for Covid-19 pushed the total to 32.

David Burt added that he would consult with the Chief Medical Officer and health minister to decide if extra measures to combat the disease should be introduced.

But he said that the Cabinet approved a three-day extension of the 8pm to 6am curfew — which meant it would run to Saturday at least.

Mr Burt also revealed that:

• Three people with Covid-19 were in hospital
• There were no confirmed community transmissions, but that three cases were under investigation
• Minibus operators will be asked to run special services scheduled to get the island’s essential healthcare staff to work after public transport employees downed tools
• Regulations were introduced to stop employers from refusing staff permission to work from home if they were able to

Mr Burt said: “The additional cases and the additional one under investigation does mark a different stage in our affairs.

“That is the reason why we have extended the curfew — and we’re going to continue to have a conversation with the epidemiologist and I’m going to seek advice from the Chief Medical Officer to see whether or not she believes that additional measures should be taken.”

He explained that out of six test results that came back yesterday, five were positive.

You can read the full report in the Royal Gazette (1/4/20) at