This morning's Royal Gazette (3rd April) has published an article about the BPS setting up a helpline for the public to use, and a plea from Commissioner Stephen Corbishley for members of the public to look after each other during the 14-day lockdown.

The Commissioner of Police asked members of the public yesterday to look out for each other as the island faced a 14-day lockdown.

Stephen Corbishley said people should make sure they could contact others who were alone or at risk and that a list of helpline numbers would be published.

He admitted: “Clearly, the shelter in place proposals are going to be extremely challenging for us all, but we need to work as a community, because it’s simply the best way forward to stop the spread of Covid-19 across Bermuda.

“I recognise that everyone will be affected as we go forward for the next 14 days.”

Mr Corbishley said: “I also recognise that there will be a number of people that are worried or even scared about what will take place.

“There are people in Bermuda that sadly suffer domestic abuse, violence and other forms of coercive behaviour and the fact that they may find themselves in a situation with someone for an extended period could present risk to their wellbeing or safety."

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