The Royal Gazette this morning (7th April 2020) reported on a statement made by Premier Burt that Bermuda has recorded its first two deaths from Covid-19 as follows:-

Bermuda has suffered its first two deaths from Covid-19, it was revealed last night.

David Burt, the Premier, said he was “extremely sad” to break the news to the country. 

He added: “All the days have been tough. The day I had today was not as tough as it was for families who are grieving.”

Mr Burt sent his condolences to the families of people who had lost their lives.

He added: “I sincerely hope all Bermudians will pray for their families and recognise that if we do not follow our instructions, if we do not observe the guidelines which have been laid out, there will be more people who, sadly, will succumb to this illness.

“It is important for us do our part so we can keep that number as low as possible.”

Mr Burt said the first of the two fatalities, a middle-aged man, died over the weekend.

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