Wednesday 15th April 2020

This morning's Royal Gazette has published an article in which Permier Burt has announced that the current "Shelter in Place" regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19 will be extended for a further 2 weeks.

"Shelter-in-place regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19 will be extended into next month, the Premier announced last night.

David Burt said the Cabinet had decided to prolong shelter-in-place restrictions by another two weeks until May 2 after advice from the public health emergency response team.

Mr Burt added he was “keenly aware” of the impact that the extension, which will start on Saturday, would have on the way people lived and worked.

But Mr Burt insisted: “As a people, we must make this sacrifice, a sacrifice which is based on compassion for those of us who will die if they contract Covid-19.”

Mr Burt said four weeks of shelter-in-place restrictions cover two incubation periods for coronavirus infection.

He added there would be modifications to the state-of-emergency regulations, including permission for trips to laundromats and to pick up office materials by people forced to work from home. But Mr Burt warned that “families should not intermingle, to make sure they reduce any possible transmission of this virus”.

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