Editors note -  At this point I believe Bermuda has been extremely fortunate to have gained reasonable control over Covid-19 following the two consecutive 2-week "Shelter in Place" emergency orders, and the Island is now gradually being opened up in hopes we can return to something near "normal" in these most trying of times.  Government has drawn up a plan to take us through 4 phases back toward normalcy, but their implementation is dependant on retaining control on the number of cases that occur in the coming days and weeks.   There is no question that we will continue see more cases come to light, and of special concern is the possibility of more cases in our Care Homes which is a problem elsewhere around the world.   If we can continue to flatten the curve so that our one hospital can handle new cases without being inundated this would be a major achievement.  

Below is this morning's latest update on Covid-19 published by Bernews and if you want to keep up-to-date on how Bermuda is doing we recommemnd that you check their daily summaries.


[Updating] As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to affect countries around the globe with over 230,000 deaths worldwide, and sadly the island has now recorded seven Covid-19 related deaths. Live updates will be posted as they come in, encompassing both the public and private sectors, and if you have relevant information, please email info@bernews.com. Further information can be found on the Bermuda Government’s website, all our articles on Covid-19 can be found here, and our newly launched dedicated Covid-19 website can be found on Bernews.com/Covid19. 

Bernews summary as of 8.20am: Wed, May 6

  • Bermuda Deaths: Sadly, 7 people have died.
  • Bermuda Cases:115 confirmed cases. 54 recovered. Details
  • World:6 million+ confirmed cases, 257,000+ deaths. Detailshere.
  • Regulations:Effective Saturday, May 2these rules are in effect
  • Curfew: In effect from 10pm and 6am daily.
  • Grocery Store Name System:Mon & Thurs: A-F | Tues & Fri: G-Q | Wed & Sat: R-Z | Sunday: Aged 65+, disabled and "shielded Covid-vulnerable persons." Please wear a face mask.
  • Hospital:Suspended non-urgent/elective surgery. Visitor restrictions.
  • Unemployment Benefit: Provides up to $500 per week. Apply here
  • Transportation: Bus & ferries suspended, resumption date unclear
  • Schools:School buildings closed, remote learning in place 
  • Airport:No regular passenger flights. Cargo flights operating. 
  • Seaport:Cargo operations as normal but no pleasure/tourism vessels. Meaning regular shipments are coming in
  • Helplines: Call 444-2498 between 9am - 9pm for general help/ questions, and 543-1111 for emotional support


CLICK HERE for more information from BERNEWS.