The Royal Gazette reported this afternoon (10th May 2020) on a shooting that occurred in broad daylight on Friday afternoon, 8th May,  in Warwick when a man was shot and injured after apparently being accosted by three men. The report is as follows:-

Two people are in police custody over the shooting of a 33-year-old man on Friday in Warwick, police revealed this afternoon.

Detective Inspector Kenten Trott said items of jewellery had been taken off the victim in the attack at about 5.20pm in a “busy commercial and residential area” on Middle Road with children in the “immediate vicinity”.

He added: “The suspects in this matter had no regards for anyone when they committed this senseless act.”

Two suspects left the scene in a car while another escaped on foot, headed for St Mary’s Road.

The victim, who is said to be conscious, remains in hospital.

Mr Trott said police had executed “a number of warrants” at different locations around the island, and had two people now assisting with their investigation.

He added: “This happened in the middle of the afternoon in a busy area. 

“There were a number of people present and some were visibly upset about what took place.”


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