The Royal Gazette (28th May) reports on this evening's briefing on the coronavisrus epidemic that of the 115 test results just one had tested positive, bringing the island's total Covid-19 cases to 140.  The newspaper reported as follows:-

Another confirmed case of Covid-19 has brought the island’s total to 140, it was revealed tonight.

Kim Wilson, the health minister, said the case was among 115 test results that came back today.

Ms Wilson said at a briefing that some of the cases seen had been linked to “insufficient shielding” and emphasised the need for protective measures.

She added: “Shielding means protecting medically vulnerable persons from anyone who has contact outside of the home with others.”

The island now has 39 active cases of the illness, 30 of them under public health monitoring, and nine people in hospital, two of them in critical care.

A total of nine people have died as a result of the disease.

Ms Wilson said guidelines for restaurants had been amended to allow contact tracing to trace possible outbreaks after the second phase of the four stage return to normality came into force, which included restaurants being allowed to provide outdoor dining.

Only one person at a table will be required to provide contact details — and store customers are now allowed to visit shops on any day, but allocations by surname will remain in effect at supermarkets and grocery stores.

Shoppers must wear masks, use hand sanitiser, and maintain a minimum distance of six feet from one another.

Ms Wilson said anyone who spotted breaches of the safety rules over the holiday weekend should call police at 211.

Cheryl Peek-Ball, the Chief Medical Officer, said that the spike in new cases of coronavirus seen over the past seven days could not be linked to the island entering phase 2 of the relaxation of restrictions because the virus had a longer incubation period than the start of the new phase.

There are four phases in total, with no set dates for their implementation.

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