Acting Commissioner Darrin Simons has issued a press release indicating that,  "The Bermuda Police Service has felt the impact of the latest wave of Covid-19 with one in ten staff members off work because of the virus."

The Royal Gazette (13th January 2022) reports:-

Darrin Simons, the Acting Commissioner of Police, said the BPS had risen its Covid threat level to green, indicating a “moderate temporary impact”, with 48 Covid-related absences -  up from 18 last week.  

The service employs about 400 officers and 70 support staff.

But Mr Simons said the reduction of manpower had not affected response times or enforcement activities.

He said: “In mitigation, we have postponed some planned training, shifted some officers to response duties from other service areas and put all officers in uniform so they can respond to calls for service, if required.

“Staffing levels are reviewed with each shift change and with the support of the Bermuda Police Association, we have put in place contingencies so we can quickly call in off-duty staff if required.

“The threat level is reviewed daily by Martin Weekes, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, and his Covid-19 command team.”

Mr Simons said the Covid-19 absences had primarily impacted “administrative areas” and asked the public for their patience.

He added: “I also take this opportunity to thank all BPS staff for their continued positive attitude and energy as we navigate this pandemic together.”


EDITORS COMMENT -  In a seperate article the Royal Gazette also reports that 150 Bermuda Hospital Board staff are off work due to Covid, and that the Bermuda Fire Service manpower levels had been crippled by Covid-related absenteeism, resulting in the temporary closure of one station.  CLICK HERE for that report.

These problems with staffing levels are clearly the result in the rapid increase in people testing positive for Covid at the height of the highly infectious Omicron variant.

Fortunately, it appears that although Omicron  is far more infectious than earlier Covid variants,  indications are that it is much less severe, and that those who have been double vaccinated and boosted have far less likelihood of being hospitalised or dying of Covid.  

We would be interested in hearing from our members about the current situation  with Covid wherever you are in threworld.  We also hope that you are staying safe during this crisis.