For those of you abroad maybe not aware of the current situation regarding Covid here in Bermuda,  the headline in yesterday’s Royal Gazette (18th September 2021) paints a bleak picture of where we are and where we are likely heading during the coming days and weeks.  

CLICK HERE for a full report in the Royal Gazette, and as you will read, we now have a total of 1,238 active infections,  our death toll now stands at 38, and as of yesterday  (Saturday) we had 51 people in hospital with Covid, with 13 of them in ICU. 

Another headline from Saturday’s Royal Gazette reads, “Hospitals move to highest alert status as Covid -19 cases rocket”  CLICK HERE for the article which includes the following:-

The highest disaster level alert was last night introduced in Bermuda’s hospitals after an increase in Covid-19 admissions to intensive care.

Michael Richmond, the president and CEO of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, said the upgrade to Disaster Level 4 reflected “the high number of Covid-19 patients in hospital and in the ICU, the pressure on staff, and the impact of the pandemic on our staffing levels”.

Dr Richmond added that non-emergency services had been cancelled and admitted that staffing levels were “taxed”.

He said: “At this time we have more admitted and sicker patients with Covid-19 in hospital than we have experienced at any time during the whole pandemic.

“We are redeploying all available staff to acute, critical care and emergency services.”

Dr Richmond added: “Our employees are professional and dedicated individuals, but they are also human beings and the risk of burnout is increasingly evident.