Our situation here in Bermuda regarding the Covic pandemic is steadily worsening, and cases and hospitalizations have been dramatically increasing during the last two weeks.   

The Royal Gazette reported in this morning's newspaper that at a press conference Sunday evening Premier David Burt announced we will return to a stay-at-home policy from 5am Tuesday 13th April for at least 7 days.  This follows 118 positive tests during the weekend, with 877 active cases, including 36 in hospital, 6 in the ICU, and we have already recorded 4 Covid deaths in the last 2 weeks bringing our total to 16.  

The article reports:-  

"David Burt last night said Bermuda will return to a stay-at-home policy from 5am tomorrow for at least seven days.

The Premier also revealed he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was isolating but had no symptoms because he had been vaccinated.

He said all businesses apart from grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations would be closed. Limited banking services would also be permitted. These businesses would be open from 11am to 7pm.

Grocery stores will return to alphabetised days for customers and Mr Burt emphasised that there was no need for panic buying. Household mixing is also prohibited by law, he said.

Mr Burt, who also revealed he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was isolating, said: “It is clear that the rate of spread is far more advanced than believed and the regulations put in place have not been enough to slow it down.

“We must act now as continued household mixing is leading to increased transmissions.”

He added: “I know this is not the news many people wanted to hear. What is important is to remember the importance of staying at home and do not mix households.”

CLICK HERE  for the full report in the Royal Gazette