This section of our website is intended for you to keep in touch with all of your fellow colleagues who have served in the Bermuda Police.   We started this column by putting all entries on one post but soon realized that it would stretch for far too long so we are doing it by each year- and this one is for 2016.

We welcome news, however brief, and would also encourage you to send us recent photos.  Sadly we sometimes have to report "bad" news such as illnesses   - or worse -  but we are always delighted to receive positive news! We can be contacted through our email address or through the comments column at the bottom of each article, including this one.

End of Year  -   It's with mixed emotions that we close out the year 2016 and look forward to continuing to stay in touch with all of our members and friends in 2017.   It has been very sad  indeed to have to report on so many of our former colleagues having passed away in 2017, and also also having to report on the tragic deaths of Bron Pett, and then Sergeant Greg Grimes who many of our "younger"  ExPo members will know from having worked with Greg during the past 38 years.
We've had several responses to our  request for you to share your memories of Christmas's past in Bermuda, and about how you celebrated this year, and I would like to close with a message we received from former P.C. Colin Mackenzie who wrote to use from Canada describing some of his recollections of Christmas in Bermuda being involved with the annual Santa Clause Parade, and also his selfless work with his Rotary Club.  You can view his comments at
Colin has also sent us the following information about his volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity through the Rotary Club of Peterborough:-
Colin Mackenzie (front row 2nd from left) with members of Habitat Youth Council
"Here is a group of Habitat Youth Council students at a build site. I am the Rotary lead and co-ordinate Rotary volunteers to attend the various sites. The lady beside me and the man on the far left with hat and glasses are Rotarians. You can see the building behind and how open and potentially dangerous it can be working on a site. There are always two professional contractors on site and we take direction from them. Hard hats and steel-toed shoes or boots are a must and we all look out for each other’s safety at any build site. Before starting work we have an hour’s safety secure from the contractors on site.

The lady beside me with my arm on her shoulder and the man in the back row, far left with glasses and a hat are Rotarians.  The big guy on the right in the blue hat actually tripped and fell, scraping his hand but no serious injury.  He could have cut himself on a nail or other sharp object. It taught him a lesson to always watch where one is stepping at a build site, another valuable lesson learned for him."
We greatly look forward to hearing from you all in 2017, and would be delighted to receive any GOOD NEWS.  Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year
25th December
Even Santa loves Bermuda at Christmas
On behalf of our ExPo Committee I would like to wish all of our friends and colleagues all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.  We have received more than our share of sad news just recently and we thought it was time to bring you some good news.  To do so we are inviting you to write to us and let us know what you are doing and how you are spending your Christmas holidays, and by all means send us photos of your activities.  We are also asking if you can remember spending your Christmas's in Bermuda and what was special about your time here on Island at this time of year.   I know that many expatriate officers were invited to the homes of fellow police officers, while some organized their own "parties".  We would love to hear from you.
You will find an article on the subject of Christmas here at where you can leave your comments at the bottom of the article, or better still, write to us and send photos to us at
23rd December
Young D.C. Philip Bermingham
Philip Bermingham  -  We just came across a fascinating article in the Australian Daily Telegraph  dated 13th August 2016 about former P.C. Philip Bermingham who served here in the Bermuda Police from July 1972 – January 1979. For more information see our "Latest News" column at
19th December
P.C. Colin MacDonald
Colin MacDonald -   We have just learned of the death 2 years ago of former P.C. Colin MacDonald who served in the Bermuda Police from March 1971 - November 1973.  Colin was an excellent rugby player who was a major asset to our Police rugby team.  For more information on this sad news please see "Latest News" at
18th December
John Jones and Neal Richardson meet up in Hong Kong
Neal Richardson and John Jones  -   Neal Richardson just sent us this photo of himself and John Jones taken when they recently met up in Hong Kong.  Neal and his wife were travelling to China and Hong Kong a few weeks ago, and on arrival in Hong Kong they rendezvoused with John and rode the Star Ferry to his house on Lantau Island.  Neal reports that John has had a great second career in teaching and is about to retire.  Both look remarkably well and we wish them both and their families a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. You can read more about Neal in our "Then and Now" column at
15th December
Malcolm Edwards  -   We have received several reports that our friend and former colleague, Malcolm Edwards, who served in the Bermuda Police from March 1971 - July 1974, recently passed away in Australia.  We have only the sketchiest of details at this point and would ask that anyone who has more information please contact us either through the Comments section, or at
This has NOT been a happy day.
Young P.C. Malcolm Edwards
Update -  We have now received confirmation that Malcolm died at his home in Perth, Australia,  last Tuesday evening surrounded by his wife and children.  For more information about Malcolm and a memorial service to be held in early January in England please see our Latest Articles column at
Bron Pett  -  We are deeply saddened to advise of the tragic and sudden passing of Moby Pett's wife Bron last night.  
Moby and Bron at one of our ExPo functions
This is a clearly a major shock to “Moby” and their children to whom we offer sincere condolences.  We also offer sincere condolences to Bron’s sister, Jennifer Mancell and her family, together with all of their families and friends.
We will post any further information regarding funeral arrangements etc. as soon as possible.
Sergeant Gregory Grimes  -   We are deeply saddened to report the tragic news that our good friend Sergeant Gregory Grimes passed away suddenly yesterday 14th December 2016 whilst on duty.
Sergeant Gregory Grimes
Greg has always been an exceptionally popular policeman and friend who took the time to mentor younger police officers.  We know that many of our more recently retired members will have fond memories of working with Greg, who in 2009 was chosen as “Police Officer of the Year and Sergeant of the Year”

We offer our sincere condolences to Greg’s family, to his BPS family, and to his many friends.

For more information about Greg, together with a statement from Commissioner of Police, Michael DeSilva, please go to our Latest News column at

You can also find a tribute to Greg on our Facebook page at 

We will post funeral arrangements as soon as possible.

11th December
Alex Forbes
Retired Deputy Commissioner Alex Forbes - We are deeply saddened to report that our good friend and former colleague Alex Forbes passed away on Friday 9th December as reported in our Latest News column.  We offer sincere condolences to Alex' wife Valerie, their two children Amanda and Grant, and theiur family. We will publish funeral details in out Ltest News column as soon as they are received.  
11th December
Annual Ex-Bobbies Christmas Bash   -   When Dave Cook and several of his colleagues first met for a pre-Christmas Lunch in Hamilton back in 1992, little did they realize they were starting a tradition that has steadily grown over the years.  This year some 30 of us gathered at the Mad Hatter restaurant in the Mariners Club last Thursday for lunch and loads of reminiscing about "The Good Old Days".  After toasting "absent friends" we were highly entertained by our resident comedian, "Fast Eddie" Davies,  after which we enjoyed a delicious lunch alongside old friends.   You can see more information and photos of this popular event in our Interesting Articles column at
Annual Ex-Bobbies Christmas Bash at Mad Hatter Restaurant
Mad Hatters personified!
(l-r) Kevin Reeves, Foster Burke, Oliver Bain, Orson Daisley, John McConnie, Reese Bartley and Dave Cook
5th December
Great Greatrex Reunion  -  It's always a pleasure to report GOOD NEWS on our website, and last weekend there was much celebration at a Get Together held at the home of Roddy and Sue Bartley, for our good friend John Greatrex, who has returned to the Island on vacation and will be here until 12th December.  We were delighted to receive some excellent photos of the get together which included some old friends and colleagues, some of whom seldom venture east of Somerset Bridge!   Here's a photograph of most of the group. To see more photos of the gathering check our Latest News column at
(l-r)  Dave Lunn, Dave Cooper, 'Moby' Pett, Mike Shaw, Jimmy "The Wop" Costello, Eddie Davis, 
Norman Wilson (behind Eddie), Paul Towlson, Dave Barber, Brian Malpas (behind DB),
Pete Shaw (behind BM), Alan Gorbutt, Arthur Bean Roddie Barclay, 
Bill Butterworth (behind RD) and John Greatrex
18th November
Can you recognize these grandfathers?
Doting Granddads!
(l-r)  Roger Sherratt, Andy Lavery, Keith Lovell,  Dave Garland, and George Hammond 
It was Grandparents Day on 16th November at BHS, and as the group assembled at the school prior to meeting up with their granddaughters there were quite a few familiar faces, with no fewer that five of our former Bermuda Police colleagues  in attendance.  They were Dave Garland, George Hammond, Andy Lavery, Keith Lovell and myself – Roger Sherratt.  For more information about Grandfathers and Grandfathers Day go to to
Funeral Service for John Balsdon  -  We just received this report from Dai Thomas about the funeral service held for John Balsdon who passed away at the age of 73 on 29th October.

"Ken Van Thal and I travelled to Swansea on Monday 14th November to attend the funeral service for John.

Faded Blues well represented at Basdon Funeral
Ladies -  Tilly Williams, John's sisters Julie, Jane, Ann and Sue
Faded Blues!  Dai Thomas and Ken Van Thal
John was our Police 1st XV teammate for just a few seasons in the late 60’s, useful at the back of the scrum and good company afterwards.  I saw him a couple times when he visited my business in the City of London and  spoke to him on the phone from time to time since.  I knew he wasn’t in particularly good shape but he seemed chirpy enough on the phone and enjoying living in his native Wales.The service was well attended,  a poem found amongst John’s papers was read by a  relative and a eulogy eloquently given by the Chaplain of the hospital were he died. Hymns were as you expect in the land of my father’s – ‘Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer’ and recalling John’s time in the Merchant Navy and perhaps the BPS Marine Section – ‘Oh hear us when we cry to thee, For those in peril on the sea.
After the service in Morriston we went to his local in Sketty, the Vivian Arms to meet his friends and family over Brains, Pasties and Welsh Cakes.  I had met John’s sister Ann a few times at London Welsh but was surprised to meet his other sisters: Julie, Jane and Sue – 4 in all !  Another face from the past was Tilly Williams,  Johnny Williams’ sister. A trip neither Ken and I regret making,  and the sisters were very pleased and proud that we turned out representing his time as their colleague and team mate on the field. Ann was grateful also for the messages she received from his other faded blue mates – John Price, Bill Nixon, Jeff Baker and Angus Brown included.
Photo attached Ladies -   Tilly Williams, Sisters Julie,  Jane,  Ann ,  Sue.
17th November

50 Year Anniversary

Young Constable Davie Kerr

Davie Kerr wrote to us on 14th November to say that it was 50 years to the day that 6 young lads boarded a BOAC Boeing 707 at Heathrow Airport en route for Bermuda to join the Police. The 6 were Gerry Ardis, ex-RUC; Davie "Bones"Fraser, ex-Lanarkshire; Davie Kerr, ex-Dundee City; Barrie Mancell, ex-South Wales; George Rushe, ex-Met; and Malky Smith, ex-Glasgow City.

Davie says, “Not one of us initially planned to do more than one 3-year contract, and they're all still there except me. Sadly Davie Fraser and George Rushe are in cemeteries, but they're still there, in body if not in spirit.....   Aye, it's been an eventful half-century!”

Davie kindly wrote a few personal notes about each of his fellow new recruits which you can read at 

19th November
Steve Taylor and Ken Van Thal meet at Euston Station
Steve Taylor and Ken Van Thal  -   We just heard from Steve Taylor, who recently returned to live in the U.K. that he met up with Ken Van Thal at Euston Station in London on 16th November, and this was the first time they had seen each other since Ken returned to serve in the Met back in 1973.  Judging by the photo they both look well.
8th November
John Balsdon
Update on John Balsdon’s funeral -  We have just heard from John's sister,  Ann Thompson, that his team mates, friends and former colleagues are  invited to attend the Swansea Crematorium, Morriston -  see  - at 10.30am on Monday 14th November.

There will be drinks afterwards at the Vivien Arms, Sketty - see

It would be much appreciated if this information can be circulated to all of John’s old friends and colleagues who might be able to attend.

6th November
Alan and Gillian Cleave  -   Good news at last!  We just heard from Alan Cleave who wrote to us from his home in Devon, England, to let us know that his wife, Gill, just arrived on Island (5th November) for a visit and will be here for 10 days. Gill would be delighted to meet up with old friends and has provided us with her mobile number which is available at
Alan and Gill Cleave relaxing at their home in Devon
Alan and Gill have settled in Exminster, Devon, following their move to England in 2010.
They are both staying active with Alan playing lots of golf, and Gill doing volunteer work for the Exeter Gym Club.  It sounds as though they are both besotted by their new dog, Paget,  who is a Hungarian Vizsla from Wales!  For more information about Alan and Gill, and their two daughters Taylor and Morgan please see our entry in the Latest News column at 
2nd November
John Balsdon  -  We regret to report the death of former P.C. John Balsdon who had served in the Royal Air Force for 3 years prior to joining the Bermuda Police in July 1967.
P.C. John Balsdon
John worked in Central Division, Marine Section, and in Operations.  He was an active sportsman who played regularly for the Police rugby team and ran in the first ever Police mini marathon,  but his sporting claim to fame has to be participating in our first ever Evening of Boxing at the PRC in 1967 where he and Davie "The Mars Bar Kid" Kerr fought each other almost to a standstill, and were duly awarded the first historic "Fight of the Night".
John left the Island in May 1970 and returned to his native South Wales.
We have very few details of his death but will post information about his funeral as soon as they are received.  In the meantime we send our sincere condolences to his three sisters and to the rest of the Balsdon family.
19th October
P.C. Nicholas Dunn
We are deeply saddened to pass on the news that former P.C. Nick Dunn who joined the Bermuda Police in March 1975, has died in Rhyll, North Wales.  We  only have scant details at this point but we understand that he was found dead in his apartment on Thursday 13th October.
We will pass on more details of funeral arrangements etc as we receive them.  Nick had two daughters here in Bermuda, Kristy Rowntree and Melanie Dunn, and we offer them and the rest of Nick’s family our sincere condolences.  Melanie is travelling to the UK on 19th October to make the necessary arrangements, and if anyone wishes to contact Melanie directly we can provide you with her contact details on request.
5th October
John Headey -  We just received this great photo of John Headey with his grandson Wylie who is 6 1/2.

John Headey with grandson Wylie in Huddersfield Town kit

Wylie normally lives with his mum Lena in the U.S. where she has been playing a starring role in “Game of Thrones”,  but Wylie is on an extending visit to his grandparents in Yorkshire.  We gather  John is wasting no time in converting young Wylie from American sports to football (or soccer as it’s called in the States), and where better than in Huddersfield where Huddersfield Town are currently top of the Championship.

Word has it that Wylie loves his kit so much he insists on sleeping in it! 

4th October
Bermuda Police Honour Guard at the Annual Police Memorial Service
Photo courtesy of Dexter "Fudge" Flood
Annual Police Memorial Service  -   The Annual Police Memorial Service was held at the Police Cemetery at Prospect on Sunday afternoon 2nd October and this was followed by a reception at the Police Recreation Club.  This was a particularly moving ceremony as it  marked the first time  that the ashes of one of our good friends, the Late Sergeant Cyril Plant, were interred during the  service.   The service itself, which was attended by the Acting Governor Mrs Ginny Ferson,  was greatly enhanced by the Bermuda Police Service Honour Guard and Colour Party.  Commissioner DeSilva read out the honour roll of the 33 of our retired and former officers who have died in the past two years.  An article on the Memorial Service and Reception, together with photos can be viewed at
This year was also special because it was recorded on video, courtesy of Joanne and Jack McPhee (close friends of Cyril and Pauline Plant) by Rick Hawke who has produced  an absolutely first class video of the ceremony which can be viewed at
1st October
Don Urquhart and Ian Coyles met up for lunch on a sunny Saturday at Southport Surf Club, Gold Coast, Queensland, both well and enjoyed a good old chin wag of days gone by policing Bermuda!
Don Uquart and Ian Coyles at Southport Surf Club on the Gold Coast in Australia 
(Could almost be Elbow Beach Surf Club in Bermuda!)
29th September
Steve Taylor  -  A group of old friends and colleagues of retired Sergeant Steve Taylor got together last Thursday 23rd September at the Police Club to wish Steve bon voyage as he prepares to leave the Island and head back to his roots in Liverpool.  Steve has always been a very popular member of the BPS and will be sorely missed by all who know him.  He also played a critical role in resuscitating our Ex-Police Association when he took over as President from 2009 - 2011.  We also wish Steve Happy Birthday tomorrow, 30th September.  For more information about Steve please see our Latest News article at
Gathering at PRC to say 'bon voyage' to Steve Taylor
Standing (l-r) Keith Cassidy, John Dale, Mike Shaw, Phil Taylor, Steve Taylor, Pat Hamlett, Scott Pacheco
Seated -  Norman Wilson, Larry Fox and Dave Cook
25th September
Bermie Get Together in York  -  We have just received this photo of a group of our former colleagues getting together at the Judge's Lodging in York where Keith Senior, who recently retired from the BPS, got together with former Bermuda policeman and friends, and from all accounts they had a great time.  We understand that Kevin Buxtin posted the photo on his Facebook page and we have also done so on our ExPo Facebook page.
Bermie Friends Get Together in York
(l to r)   Stuart Mason, John Clayton, Keith Senior, Martyn Davidson, Kevin Buxton, Alan Earl, 
Tim Winkelman [friend of police] Glyn Brown, Bill Webster, Brian Russell, and Mark Richardson.

We also just heard from Keith Senior who says life is going well in the UK.  He and Julie are settled in Yorkshire which they are using as a base for travel and catching up with family and friends.

Keith has written to say, “The get together in the photograph was organised by Stuart Mason via social media, and we chose the York tap as a meeting place. It is a lovely Victorian pub inside York rail station so was easily accessed by all.

Stuart is an Inspector with a short time to go before retirement. John Clayton is retired and enjoying life. Martyn Davidson is also retired but works as a civvy traffic officer monitoring taxis.

Kevin Buxton also recently retired, and Alan Earl is still working in the Police specialising in cyber and hate crimes. Tim Winkelman is still a radio comms operator on oil rigs in the North sea, three weeks about. Glyn Brown is recently or almost retired, Billy Webster the oldest of the group, Is enjoying retirement and classic soul music.

Brian Russell is retired from Police and works as a social Services driver. 

And Mark Richardson is out of the Police and is involved in private service with families and provides butler and chauffeur services.

Keith added that he is currently in Bermuda and plans to be up at the Police Club on Thursday evening for a few drinks with his old mates.

22nd September
Young P.C. Tony Nuttall
Tony Nuttall visits the PRC  -   Former P.C. Tony Nuttall, who served in the Bermuda Police for 5 years from 1961 – 1965 visited the Police Club this evening with his wife Margaret where they met up with Dave Chew, myself (Roger Sherratt) and John Dale.  Dave made a rare visit to the PRC all the way from St. George’s to meet up with his old friend and colleague! 
Nostalgic visit to Police Recreation Club
(l-r) John Dale, Margaret and Tony Nuttall, Dave Chew, and Roger Sherratt
Tony spent most of his service here as an excellent dog handler along with Custerfield “Custy” Crockwell and Winston “Super” Lottimore.
After returning to the UK, Tony joined the Cheshire Police and in 1974, due to a change in boundaries, his Division was incorporated into the Greater Manchester Police where he rose through the ranks to Superintendent until his retirement in 1995.
Tony met Margaret in 1984 while she was working for the Police as a Motorway Accident Clerk and they were married in 1986.  They both love to travel and have been on numerous trips and cruises, including a Round the World Cruise,  a Yangtze River Cruise, and the Orient Express cruise to name but a few.  They visit Bermuda every few years, and their next cruise will be from Southampton to the Caribbean.
Tony played cricket for the Police Team and still has very fond memories of his time here.  After his cricket career he took up umpiring to stay in touch with his favourite sport.
Although John Dale joined the Bermuda Police long after Tony left the Island,  the two had met when Tony was a young cadet in Salford, and John’s dad, who was a policeman in Salford, kindly took Tony under his wing at a time when young John was only 8 years old.   Tony was delighted when he heard that John had joined the Bermuda Police and they have become great friends ever since.
Tony and Margaret have been staying at the Hamilton Princess which they describe as first class.    They are thoroughly enjoying their vacation and look forward to returning in the not too distant future.
11th September 
50 Year Anniversary -  1966-2016
Front row (l-r)  John McConnie; Donna Dean; Louise Bridgeman; Millicent Ardis;
Gertie Barker; Liz Ashurst; Beatrice Brookes; Patsy Cook; Gilda Bartley.
Back row -  Stephen Dean;  Gerry Ardis; Carol Burgess; Tony Timothy; Clyde 'Tango' Burgess,
Dave Ashurst; Denis Brookes; Dave Cook; Vendal Bridgeman; Reese Bartley
50 Year Reunion  -  A group of retired police officers who joined the Bermuda Police in 1966 gathered together on Saturday 10th September at Ascots Restaurant to celebrate that significant milestone. It was a truly memorable evening giving those present the opportunity to reminisce about their time with the police.
Dave Cook brought greetings from overseas members including Les Brown, Pat McBride & John 'Coco' Eve. He also noted that out of the 15 who arrived on 5th Sept 1966,  at least three had passed on, that we knew of.
Tony Timothy and Dave Cook
A high note of the evening for Dave Cook was the surprise appearance of Tony Timothy, [former PC 247] after both finally recognising each other they starting delving into their early days together on the beat back in 1966/67, it was truly enjoyable for them both to meet up after a 45 year absence.
The staff at Ascots were professional & obliging in their care for the group.
11th September
Peter Gimson  -  Former P.C. Peter Gimson who joined the Bermuda Police in 1975 and served in Central Division and then in Cycle Squad for 6 years before returning to the UK, was out here on holiday for 2 weeks in early September and met up with quite a few of his old colleagues, including a visit to the Police Club where he got together with old friends including Ken McDowall, Dave Cook, Steve Taylor and Reese Bartley.  Peter had a great time during his stay and we'll seek more details now he's returned home.
Editors note -  For all those with sharp eyes, you may notice that this this photo was not taken in the regular bar which is temporarily closed for renovations. It was taken in the temporary bar in the main hall of the Police Recreation Club.
Peter Gimson gets together at the PRC
(l-r) Ken McDowall, Dave Cook, Steve Taylor, Peter Gimson and Reese Bartley
11th September
William J "Bill" McCormack
Chief of Metropolitan Toronto Police 1989-1995
Death of William J "Bill" McCormack  -  We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of one of our former police officers who served here as a young constable in the 1950's.  William “Bill” McCormack joined the Bermuda Police in 1955 and served for 4 years before leaving the Island to settle in Canada with his wife, Jean (nee Kerick) who he met and married here.
Bill joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police where he steadily rose through the ranks and was appointed Chief of Police in 1989, a position he held until his retirement in 1995.  Bill was the ultimate “Policeman’s Policeman” who’s father was a police officer, and who had 4 of his 5 children follow him into the Police Force.
Bill passed away at his home last week at the age of 83  surrounded by his loving family.  We send our sincere condolences to his wife Jean and to all his family and friends.
His name will be added to our list of former officers who will be remembered during our Police Week Memorial Service being held at the Police Cemetery on Sunday 2nd October.
For more information about Bill you will find an article he wrote for our website in our ‘Then and Now’ column at  and under ‘Latest News’ at
8th September

Join us for Police Week  -  This year’s Police Week is being held during the first week of October and although there are less events than in the past due to budget constraints there are two events in particular that we want to encourage all of our retired and former police officers to attend. These are as follows:-

Memorial Service/ExPo Reception
Sunday 2nd October at 4pm   

This is a very special event at which we remember those of our former colleagues who are no longer with us.  The Service itself is brief and includes  the BPS Honour Guard,  playing of the Last Post, the Laying of wreaths/flowers, with the Commissioner reading out a list of all of our colleagues who have died in the last 2 years (see below). It concludes with the playing of Reveille.

The Late Sergeant Cyril Plant

This year will be extra special because the late Sgt.Cyril Plant who passed away in May had requested his ashes be interred at the Police Cemetery. Deputy Commissioner Paul Wright is bringing Cyril’s ashes back to Bermuda and these will be interred during the Service.  Attendees usually include H.E. the Governor, along with the families and friends of loved ones.

The Service is followed by a reception held at the PRC, including light refreshments, to which all attendees are cordially invited.

It would be much appreciated if as many of our members and their spouses can attend this most fitting event.

2015-2016 Honour Roll of former Bermuda Police
Officers who have died during past 2 years
Constable Frank Maddern                          February           2015
Superintendent Vic Richmond                    March               2015
Inspector Arthur Rose                                 March               2015
Constable Rodney Trott                              April                  2015
Deputy Commissioner Alf Morris                May                   2015
Constable Reginald Butler                          June                  2015
Constable John Fryer                                  July                   2015
Constable John Allen                                  July                   2015
Constable Lawrence “Mincy” Rawlins         July                   2015
Constable Ian Douris                                  July                   2015
Constable Graham Swinyard                      July                   2015
Constable Thomas Gray                             July                   2015
Constable Peter Blog                                  July                   2015
Chief Inspector Jeff Sanders                       August              2015
Inspector Edward “Boxhead” Foggo           September        2015
Constable Tom Barnes                                September       2015
Constable Elizabeth “Betty” Osborne          September       2015
Constable Graham Mitchell                         October            2015
Constable William Connell McBurnie          October            2015
Sergeant Peter Morgan                               December        2015
Constable Charles “Joe” Mercer                 December         2015
Constable Jasmine Saltus                           March               2016
Constable Steven “Terry” DeSilva               March               2016
Constable Albert “Keith” Foggo                   March               2016
Sergeant John Van de Weg                        March               2016
Constable Andrew Hall                               March               2016
Sergeant Cyril Plant                                    May                   2016
Sergeant Jimmy Woodward                       July                   2016
Sergeant Peter Edney                                July                   2016
Constable James Robertson                      July                   2016
Constable Eddie Spencer                          July                   2016
Constable Eric Ingemann                          August              2016
Constable William "Bill" McCormack         September        2016

*  If you would like to make a comment about any of these many officers  - we have lost 30 officers in the last 2 years -  you can do so in the Comments Section in our Latest News column at

Charity Casino Night at the PRC
Friday 7th October starting at 6pm 

Commissioner DeSilva has extended a very warm welcome to all of our retired and former police officers to attend this event which was held for the first time last year and was highly successful.  By all accounts it is a great night.

Tickets are $20 each and this includes a buffet dinner and one free drink.  A cash bar will also be available.      

There will be a wide variety of “gambling games “to enjoy, and Casino Dollars can be purchased on the night at the rate of $2,000 Casino Dollars for $10 cash.  Winnings can be used to bid on a wide variety of prizes that will be auctioned off.

Proceeds will be shared between two charities,  The Family Centre and Special Olympics, Bermuda.

Please note that guests are most welcome but must be 18 years of age or older.

Charity Casino Night

29th August
Jean Trott  -  Following our article yesterday about our Bajan colleagues getting together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their arrival in Bermuda (see below), we have heard from (Gloria) Jean Trott who was on the same Basic Training Course #7 as the Barbadians and several other Bermudians.  Jean had been the first female cadet to serve in the Police, and after graduating from the course in 1966 she served as a Constable until 1971.  
Former W.P.C. Gloria Jean Trott
Jean sends her best wishes to all of her fellow recruits from back in 1966, along with all those she worked with during her time in the Police Service. She is currently working as a volunteer in Florida. She teaches biblical studies and holds in-home small group mentoring meetings for married, separated  and divorced couples. She also has a home-phone prayer ministry where she keeps in touch with members of the community and her church. Good to hear from you Jean.
28th August
Bajans Get Together for a very special 50th Anniversary  -  It was fifty years ago that four young Barbadians joined the Bermuda Police on February 13th 1966, as part of the first group of West Indians to be recruited into the Force. We were delighted to receive this photo and to hear that Vendal Bridgeman, Orson Daisley, John McConnie, and Ralph Sealy got together for a most enjoyable dinner at the Hamilton Princess Hotel to reminisce about their service and life in Bermuda.
Bajans 50th Anniversary Year Get Together at Hamilton Princess Hotel
(l-r)  John McConnie, Orson Daisley, Vendal Bridgeman, Ralph Sealy, Jennifer Sealy, and Madeline Daisley

The four former police officers arranged to have their 50th Anniversary get together during this year’s Annual Cup Match holiday,  with Orson making the trip from his home in Barbados; Ralph and his wife Jennifer flew from their home in Willow Grove near Philadelphia; John still resides here in Bermuda; and Vendal would certainly have felt very much at home at the Hamilton Princess because he is still Director of Security at Princess which recently underwent major renovations and is a truly magnificent hotel complete with a splendid marina in perfect time for next year’s America’s Cup here in Bermuda.

For more information about their visit and their time in the Bermuda Police Service please see or "Interesting Articles" column at

Peter Brown  -  Bermuda also recently welcomed another former Bermuda Police Officer, Peter Brown (1970-1973) and his wife Sue who used to work at Strawberry Hill Nursery School.

Peter and Sue have been regular visitors to the Island for the past 14 years, usually staying with Roddy and Sue Barclay in Somerset, as they did this year.  Roddy and Peter were fellow pipers in the Bermuda Pipe Band and have remained good friends  ever since.

While on Island they celebrated Peter’s birthday along with Roddy and Sue Barclay’s 42nd wedding anniversary.

The Brown's and Barclay's celebrate a birthday and an anniversary
(l-r)  Sue Brown, Roddy Barclay, Peter Brown and Sue Barclay

They also enjoyed a lovely BBQ at the McCreights. Peter and Ernie both attended the Scottish Police College back in 1969 and usually get together when the Browns return. 

Peter is an active Rotarian in the UK and always makes a point of visiting Rotary Clubs when travelling. On this occasion he met up with another former BPS officer, John Harvey, who is a member of Sandys Rotary Club.  Peter and Sue were also delighted to attend the 70th birthday party for Steve Shaw which was held at the PRC.

As a regular visitor Pete comments that the Island is generally still beautiful although they noticed more litter than usual on our beaches on this last trip.

Peter and Sue went on a tour of Australia last November during which time they visited Dick Coulthard in Adelaide. Unfortunately, Dick’s wife was unable to meet with them as she had undergone major surgery, but we understand that since then she has been making a good recovery.

Peter Brown and Dick Coulthard meet up in Adelaide - November 2015

For more information about Peter please see his article in our “Then and Now” column at  

18th August
Get Together in Liverpool  -   We just heard from Bob Porritt who got together with Dave Walker, Graham Blackshaw, John Headey and John Riordan last weekend in Liverpool.  Bob wrote to say, "We met on Monday 15th August at Dr Duncan's pub in Liverpool and had lunch next door at Copacabana Brazilian eaterie.
Old mates get together in Liverpool
L to R Graham Blackshaw, Dave Walker, John Headey, Bob Porritt and John Riordan.
L to R Bob Porritt, Dave Walker, John Headey, John Riordan and Graham Blackshaw.

Dave Walker was back in UK from Thailand where he has a bar. He visits his elderly mother every year. Graham Blackshaw hails from up the road near Wigan. John Riordan and I are from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire and John Headey is from nearby Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. Graham runs his personal health and fitness business, John Riordan, since leaving employment with West Riding FA is doing stints of cover supervision at local schools. John Headey in between being retired, babysits in LA and other places whilst his daughter Lena is filming. Last but not least I am retired and a lot of time is taken up with babysitting four grandchildren.

We got round to remembering new things we forgot on the last two meetings. We had a few drinks and some nice food. We drank a toast to absent friend Frank Dowie, who is not too well at the moment.

Editors note  -  Many thanks for getting in touch with us Bob.  Very sorry to hear Frank Dowie is not too well. Please give him our regards and let him know his old mates are thinking about him and wish him all the best.  I note that Bob mentions babysitting his four grandchildren, while John Headey is almost a professional babysitter for his daughter Lena.  I have to wonder how many of us have grandchildren and how are we involved in thei lives.  We would be delighted to receive and publish photos of any and all of our old colleagues with the grandchildren.

4th August

Keith Hatfield  -  We just heard from Keith Hatfield, a Yorkshireman, who served in the Bermuda Police from 1962-1965, who celebrated his 77th birthday a few weeks ago.  Keith vividly recalls arriving on Island with Mike Rickards, also from Yorkshire, and being picked up at the airport by Sgt Ken Morris. Keith was posted to St George’s where he served for the next 3 years while Mike went to Somerset. 

Keith Hatfield celebrates his 77th Birthday with his family
(l-r) Keith, daughter Charlotte, grandchildren Jack and Molly, sons William and James, and Nadine

Keith played a little cricket, and fondly remembers time spent at Admiralty House and Elbow Beach.  While here he met his future wife, Nadine who was a nurse at King Edward Hospital and they married soon after returning to the UK where Keith worked as a Probation Officer then as an Independent Consultant in Child Protection, and latterly as a Magistrate for 10 years before he retired.  Read more about Keith in his “Then and Now” article at

Keith has written to say, “Nadine and I are well - still travelling and have just got back from Russia.  Last year we were hot air ballooning in Turkey but our long hauls are coming to a halt and we quite happily spend the majority of our time in our VW Camper travelling around Europe and the UK.   London is still home and we use our free transport passes to good effect - there is always so much to see and do here.   I am still a Tour Guide at Lord’s Cricket Ground and also do quite a bit of voluntary work with the Chelsea Pensioners and the Blind Veterans.”

Keith added that he likes to keep up with the news on our website although, sadly, “I keep seeing the obituaries of people who were in Bermuda during my time there. I guess we have to make the best of life whilst we can.”

Editors note -  As Keith says,  we post obituaries of our old friend and colleagues, but we far prefer hearing good news, so if you feel like putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, please drop us a line – and send a recent photo, 

23rd July
Getting Together for 'lunch' in Birmingham
(l-r) Mike Jent, John Price, Bill Nixon, Dave Pantry, Ian Davies,
John "Coco" Eve, Angus Brown, John Arlott, and Michael Sample
Lunch in Birmingham – We just received this photo of the lunch in Birmingham organized by Bill “Butcher” Nixon for lads who had worked in Bermuda, in the Police and elsewhere.  We also received a brief report on the event from our good friend “Coco: Eve who writes, “Contrary to what Bill Nixon stated about a short walk from New Street Station to the hotel on Broad Street, back in our youth that may have been, but carrying luggage, and nearly all up hill I arrived in some state! At least when Bill could stop laughing he offered to dry my shirt with a hair dryer.
Also present on my recovery were, John Arlott (must be on Botox or similar ), Angus  Brown and Dave Pantry. Angus was a little ‘delicate’ having spent the previous night sampling cocktails with Dave.
Following an excellent lunch at one of Bill's financial outlets we proceeded to sample some of Birmingam's history and architecture which continued until the evening meal. If anyone has the misfortune to meet Mike Sample in Birmingham, or for that matter anywhere else, do not get taken in by his local knowledge of real ale joints. Most of our 'history and architecture' tour was spent trying to find some dive which I believe was still in Birmingham. Please see the Angus Brown reaction to one of these in this photo below
Mike Jent, Angus (this place is not for me!) Brown
and Mike Sample on tour
Following the evening meal at a nearby Italian restaurant the remainder of the night was spent by the majority at an Irish pub where the Utah State youth jazz orchestra were playing. Aged between 15-18yrs they were excellent. They have been voted two years running as the best youth jazz orchestra in the world.
Bill as usual had this well organised (except for the Sample interlude) and I believe we would all like to meet up again at some time in the future whilst we can still appreciate the scenery. Well done Bill.
Nb -  John Price left the group before the evening meal. We had considered having a collection Pricey. Hope to see you on the next one.

Request to make contact with Judy Woodward  -  We had a request a couple of days ago from Alan Coates (through a mutual friend) who asked if we could puthim in touch with Judy Woodward following the death of her husband Jimmy.  (see Latest News at  We did as Alan requested and have now received this reply.

“I’m very grateful to John White and yourself for finding me the Email address of Judy Woodward.

I had explained to John that we lost touch with Jimmy and Judy after they returned to the UK and then ‘disappeared’.  Our understanding was that they intended to return to Richmond in north Yorkshire and re-establish themselves in an area they knew well.  We think they must then have decided that it was not going to turn out well and although they sent us an Email address it proved incorrect.  We even thought that Jimmy may have developed a health problem.

You may or may not know that Jimmy was one of three brothers who all joined the North Yorkshire Constabulary with their Headquarters in Northallerton – not far from Richmond.  Sadly one of the brothers died ‘young’.

For Brenda and myself, we found Jim and Judy exceptionally helpful when I was considering applying to the Bermuda Police, and, subsequently they were very good to us when we arrived.  Partially, and as a result we are God Parents to one of their sons.  In any case, we have now written to Judy. and thank you again for having the information available.

Apart from the above, we have little to report other than the UK’s major decision, as a result of the referendum, to ‘leave’ the European Union – both politically and economically. We are not happy about this despite all the problems with the Union. Perhaps you too have political problems - whether on the Island or with the thoughts of Donald Trump!

I doubt we will have another holiday in Bermuda but should you happen to be over in the UK, we would be very pleased to meet you.  I remain interested in ‘how things are’ in Bermuda, first hand,and as I have said before, it is a very beautiful and special place.  (We are long established in leafy West Berkshire with the boundary with Hampshire only a mile away – although Yorkshire have a better cricket team!)

Best regards to all and please mention me to David Cook.


21st July
Harry Messham, Ian "Paddy" Ackroyd, Norman Rennie,
and Colin Mackenzie gather at the Belfast Lounge
Get together in Toronto -  We just received this photo from Colin Mackenzie who had arranged a lunch yesterday (29th July) at the Belfast Lounge in Mississauga, for some of the lads who had spent time here in Bermuda before settling in Canada.

Those who made it to the lunch are Harry Messham, Ian Ackroyd, Norman Rennie, our Police Rugby Team scrum half in the 70’s, and Colin Mackenzie.

Colin says, "Those who could not make it this year, and this was the second attempt to get as many of us together, were Paul Hendrick, Ian Ganson, Jeff Baker, Tony “Tinker” Taylor, Colin Fairbairn, Dave Parsons, Dave Needham, Robin Glenny, Peter McNulty, Neil Morgan (“Irish.”), Bill McCormack, Alfie Fox (1964 time), William “Bill” Smith (59-66) and Ian Kittle. 

Colin assures us that the “young lads” who met yesterday had a great time sharing their stories about the good old days in Bermuda.  He added that, “The four of us are well and we send our best wishes to those of you who remember us. We will plan this again next year.”

Many thanks to Colin for keeping us posted.

Jeff and Glenys Baker get together with Ian and Linda Kittle
By coincidence we also just received this photo from Ian Kittle which was taken at a recent Peel Regional Police Retirees Association Meeting at their Association premises in Mississuaga, Ontario.
Ian and Linda have now both been retired for about 3 years after a career with the Peel Regional Police.  Jeff and Glenys are also retired and are living in Waterdown, Ontario. Jeff retired a short time after Ian.
We are always delighted to receive news and photos from our overseas members, particularly when it’s good news
17th July
Ralph Sealy  -   We have just heard from our good friend and former colleague, Ralph Sealy, that he and his wife Jennifer, will be coming to Bermuda on vacation from 25th July for 8 days.  Ralph was in the first contingent of recruits from Barbados who arrived on Island in 1966 and attended Training Course #7 at Prospect.  For photo see
Young P.C. Ralph Sealy circa 1966

Ralph is keen to meet up with old friends during his stay and a quick check of his fellow recruits from 1966 reveals that several are still on Island, such as Steve Dean, Vendal Bridgeman, Gertie Barker, John McConnie, and Clyde “Tango” Burgess.  He also hopes to see some of the guys he worked with during his time in Bermuda. 

We normally recommend that our visiting colleagues come up to the Police Club at Prospect on a Thursday afternoon around 5pm where a group of former officers tend to gather, but the only Thursday  when Ralph and Jennifer are here also happens to be the first day of Cup Match. It’s a great time of year to be here but not sure how many would be at the PRC that afternoon.  Anyone who would like to meet up with Ralph and Jennifer can contact our website at  or get in touch with Vendal Bridgeman or Gertie Barker.

Andy Dryburgh  -  We had a very nice surprise when we received an email from the granddaughter of former P.C. Andy Dryburgh who served here in the Bermuda Police from 1960-1966.  Danielle wrote to us to say that her grandfather is living next door to her and her family in Fife, and Andy is keen to make contact with any of his old friends from Bermuda.  She provided us with more information about Andy which you can find under Latest News at
Andy tries the quisine at a new restaurant in Kirkcaldy - July 2016
Although in quite poor health these days, Andy recently visited a new sushi resturant in Kirkcaldy, and we hear he is kept on his toes by his first great-grandchild, Jude, who was born last year and is now into everything.  If you would like to get in touch with Andy please write to us at
16th July
Young P.C. Michael Sample
Michael Sample -  We just heard from Michael Sample who served in the Bermuda Police from October 1970 - May 1973.  Michael came across our website a couple of weeks ago by accident following the death of the Great Muhammad Ali.  Michael remembers brushing shoulders (not in the ring) with Ali at an exhibition bout he gave in Bermuda - was it held at the Tennis Stadium?  While checking out our website Michael saw our request for Training School photos and he sent us an excellent copy of the Localisation Course he attended in October-November 1970 along with Keith Bird, Robert Lloyd, Raphael Honore, Alistair "Angus" Brown, David "Shakey" Shakeshaft, Keith Pellow, Michael Walker, Gerald Harmer, Alan Bolton, Raymond Thomas, David "Dai" James, Rober "Bob" Porter (a frequent visitor to Bermuda), Brian Anderson, Frank Smith, and Henry Parry.  The course photo can be viewed at
While checking out our website Michael came across the article about Bill 'The Butcher" Nixon organizing a "Gentlemen's Lunch" for guys who worked here in Bermuda. The lunch is being held in Birmingham on 21st July and Michael quickly re-acquainted himself with Bill and will be attending the lunch.  At latest report he will be in good company because also attending will be John "Coco" Eve, Angus Brown, John Arlott, Dave Pantry, Mike Jent, John Price and Ivan Davies, and possibly a few more.  For more information about the lunch please see   We know that Bill's motto is "The More the Merrier".
Davie and Jean Kerr at the last Bermuda reunion
Davie Kerr  -  Wild horses wouldn't normally keep our good friend Davie Kerr from one of these get-togethers but Davie has written to send his apologies and to explain that he's unable to make this one because he's due to undergo minor surgery at Raigmore Hospital on the same day as the luncheon.  Davie assures us that this is NOT a lobotomy!  We wish him a speedy recovery.
7th July
Locating the Fletcher Christian Crew -   We recently heard from Mike Caulkett who has written two excellent articles on the adventures of the Fletcher Christian which sailed from Bermuda to Fij in April 1970.  The first article can be viewed at  and the second one at
Crew and their friends gather at Albuoy's Point in April 1970 
Mike wondered if it might be possible to trace those members of the crew who we havn't seen or heard of since the Fletcher Christian sailed off into the sunset.   These include Russell - a journalist,  Colin - and engineer, Sally  -  Eric Sanderson's girlfriend at the time, and Jane Cooper - a nurse who gave up her job at KEMH to join the crew.
We wonder if any of the former KEMH nurses who married police officers might still be in contact with Jane Cooper, or know what happened to her after she left the Fletcher Christian.  Let us know if you know how to contact any of these crew members?
Des McSherry  -  Mike also advised that he has recently been in touch with Paul McSherry, a nephew of Des McSherry who was captain and a co-owner of the Fletcher Christian.  Paul had spotted the articles by Mike about the adventures of the Fletcher Christian on our website and he informed Mike that Des, who is now deceased, has several brothers who are doing some research on Des including what he did after the FC was sunk in Fiji and after returning to Ireland. Apparently Des spoke very little of his past and is a bit of an inigma/legend in his Irish family. Mike was able to provide considerable useful information to the family about Des's time in Bermuda, and they are bringing Mike up to date on their research which Mike plans to incorporate into an article for our website.  It would be very useful if anyone who worked with Des while he was serving in the Bermuda Police could also provide information about him.
6th July
P.C. Peter Edney

Peter Edney  -  We were deeply saddened to hear that our old friend Peter Edney passed away here in Bermuda on 4th July at the age of 87.  Peter was born in London, England in 1928 and as a young man he served for 4 years in the Royal Ordinance Service Corps before joining the Hampshire Police as a Constable. He served there from 1949-1955 before coming out to Bermuda to join our Police Force in 1955.  Peter served in the Bermuda Police for 8 years, and was initially posted to Hamilton Police Station, but his mechanical talents were quickly recognized and he spent most of his service in the Police Garage where he was promoted to Sergeant in 1960.  He left the Force in April 1964, and worked here locally before moving out to Australia.  After the passing of his first wife, June,  he eventually returned to Bermuda and married his second wife, Julie.  

The last time we saw Peter and Julie was at a reception held at the Senior Officers Mess in memory of the Late Arthur Rose.

Peter and Julie Edney at the Senior Officers Mess in 2015

Peter had not been well for some time.  He is survived by his wife Julie, and we understand that one of his sons, Bruce, who normally reasides in Australia, is on Island at the moment.

We send our sincere condolences to Julie and her family. We understand there will be a Mewmorial Service for Peter at St. Anne's Church in Southampton with a date to be announced.


Jimmy Woodward  -  We are deeply saddened to report that former Sergeant Jimmy Woodward died on July 1st at his home in Vero Beach, Florida.  A Yorkshireman, Jimmy had served in the North Riding Constabulary, and in the Royal Military Police prior to coming to Bermuda as a police constable in 1957 where he served in  Central Division, Hamilton, in Prosecutions, Parishes, and at Police Headquarters. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1961.

Jimmy married his wife Judy in 1957, and they had two children, Edward and Peter who were both born here in Bermuda.

Young P.C. James "Jimmy" Woodward shortly after arriving in Bermuda

After 10 years in the Bermuda Police, Jimmy took up a position as General Manager of the Rosebank Theatre, and remained in Bermuda for some years until he and Judy and their family settled in Florida.

Jimmy was always a very popular, cheerful and enthusiastic officer who was well liked by all who knew him.

We send our sincere condolences to Judy and the Woodward family. The family celebrated his life on 2nd July, and in accordance with his wishes, Jimmy’s body was donated to medicine. As Judy so aptly says, “He keeps on giving as he has all his life”.  

15th June
The Late William Maurice "Syke" Smith -  The Family of our dear departed colleague, William Maurice "Syke" Smith have requested that we publish this memorial to Syke on this, the 35th Anniversary of his passing.  All of us who knew Syke will have fond memories of  a great friend and fellow officer.
28th May

Which Vincent?  -   On 23rd May, Mike Caulkett sent us an email along with the photo below of a young Bermuda policeman in summer uniform.  Mike’s son, Ben, who is a Senior (Civilian) Crime Scene Investigator with the Sussex Police had spotted a twitter entry about a policeman named “Vincent” who was just about to retire from the Police in the UK.  It particularly drew his attention because the young constable looked very similar to his dad.

This photo of P.C. Mark Vincent showed up on a Twitter Feed

Mike had served here in the Bermuda Police from 1964-1970 but couldn’t remember anyone by the name of Vincent, and he wondered if we might be able to identify the young man.  The photo was not the clearest but a quick check of our records indicated that Mark Vincent had served here from 1985 – 1993.  Our records also showed that Mark had attended the same Basic Training Course as three officers who are still serving officers in the BPS -  Gary Staines, Paul Towlson and Paul Wright.

An email with the photo attached was sent to Deputy Commissioner Paul Wright and he confirmed that it was Mark who had served for several years in SB while in Bermuda and had eventually joined the Lincolnshire Police after returning to the UK.  As a bonus, Paul had Mark’s email address.

After writing to Mark he wrote back to confirm that he was the subject of the Twitter Feed and that he was retiring from the Lincolnshire Police. His last working day was 20th May, and his official retirement date is 31st May 2016 at which time he will have completed 36 years of continuous police service.   On behalf of all Mark’s old friends and colleagues in the Bermuda Police we wish him a long and happy retirement.  We have posted an article in our “Then and Now” column about Mark which can be found at

As a postscript,  Mark is planning to visit Bermuda in August of this year with his family, and is looking for a rental property for their stay.  If anyone knows of a suitable home or accommodation in a good location and with good acilities we would be delighted to pass it on to Mark.

24th May

Peter Moore  - We have reported on details of the funeral service held on 23rd May for Cyril “Sidge” Plant (CLICK ON for details)   One of the attendees was former P.C. Peter Moore who has written to say, “I served in Bermuda from May 1969 to May 1972.  I lived at Hoardley Cottage just down from Prospect from 1970 to 1971 with Cyril and Les Tomlinson.  Many happy memories but could not keep up with Cyril and his “social” happenings. 

I was playing rugby/training and in my dingy – oh and work at Central then Cycle Squad.  When I returned to England I joined Hampshire Police and was sent to the Isle of Wight! One island to another.  I married Norma (still am) who was a nurse at A&E KEMH .  She went to Bermuda with a Maureen Smith who married Reece Bartley (please give him our regards – we went to their wedding).  I retired in 1998.

One regret I did have was not thanking Cyril or Les for allowing me to join them at Hoardley Cottage.  I do not know where Les is now.

The other regret was not getting to know the other person living in the other cottage in the garden of Hoadley House (owner Archie Brown) was a man called Alan Ganley.  He was the musical director at the Bermuda Princess.  He was a professional drummer and became quite famous back in the UK working a great deal in the jazz and big band world with the likes of Sir John Dankworth and Cleo Lane.  Alan is not with us any more.

We gave Cyril a good send off with 6 smart ex Bermuda lads present.  I knew Barry Higham (played rugby with him) Davie or course and John Eve but do not know the others.  Editors note -  The lady is Cyril’s wife, Pauline.

Pauline with seven of Bermie ExPo's Finest!
(l-r)  Stuart Donaldson, Barry Higham, Pauline Plant, Derek Smith,
Peter Moore, John "Coco" Eve, Wee Davie Kerr , and Bob Allen

Norma and I, along with our 16 year old daughter Sara came to Bermuda for a holiday in 1994.  We were looking after an apartment in St George for Jennie Robins (ex nurse at KEMH).  20 years after I had left I went down to the Department of Transport and they renewed my Bermuda driving licence!  I was able to use Jennie’s car for our stay – what luck.

We would like to come back again to watch England regain the America’s Cup in 2017 – what a thrill that would be.  Also to see PRC at Prospect where Norma and I first met – a dance there.   If you know of any property that needs looking after – I am your man.

19th May

Don visits Mike Chlebec  -  No sooner had we posted the entry below about Don Urquart having lunch with Steve and 'Shoes' in London, than we received a further email from Don saying he had steamed up to Bolton and met up with Mike Chlebek who was visiting his mother.  Mike is usually wandering the golf course at Riddell's Bay these days but the sad news is that Riddell's went into liquidation a few weeks ago!  There is some possibility that it will be taken over by new owners but if they leave it much longer they will need a harvester to mow the fairways.

Don Urquart and Mike Chlebek meet up in Bolton

Don Urquart, Steve Peterson and Roger "Shoes" Needham  -   We have just received an email from Don Urquart to say that he and his tribe are currently visiting the UK from Australia, and on 17th May he met up with Steve Peterson and Roger "Shoes" Needham for lunch in London (opposite Harrod's according to the photo attached), and ejoyed a good laugh and reminscences about their time in Bermuda.  Don was then heading up to Manchester and was due to catch up with Andrew Fielding and Mike Chlebec yesterday.  We suspect that some of the group meeting in Manchester might also be planning on watching Manchester United playing in the F.A. Cup Final.

Don Urquart, Steve Peterson and Roger "Shoes" Needham
meet up for lunch in London on 17th May 2016

Returning for Visits  -  Mike Ross and Geoff Hunt -  We have two former colleagues paying visits to the Island soon.  Mike Ross who served from 1975 - 1986 will be returning from 1st May - 13th June, along with his wife, Rosemary and daughter Catherine, and he plans to bring them along to the PRC on Thursday 2nd June for a get together with old friends.

P.C. Mike Ross
Sgt Geoff Hunt

Former Sergeant Geoff Hunt will also be paying us a visit, along with his wife Olive and their two sons. They are staying at the Swifts and will be here from 3th - 9th July befre heading off to their son's wedding in Annapolis.

17th May

Cyril Plant  -   We are deey saddened to hear of the passing of our good friend, retired Sergeant Cyril Plant who died earlier today.  Cyril had been suffering from Alzheimers and had been in a nursing  home just outside Manchester since last September.

Young P.C. Cyril Plant

Cyril came to Bermuda in July 1967 and attended Basic Training Course #9.  Following his training course Cyril served for several years in Central Division at Hamilton Police Station before being transferred to Prosecutions. He also served for 3 years in Operations (Traffic), but spent most of his Police career in Prosecutions Department where he was promoted to Sergeant in December 1985.

Cyril was always a very popular officer and a great asset to Prosecutions.  He served in the Bermuda Police for 29 years, and was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct in 1985. 

After retiring from the Service Cyril and his wife, Pauline, settled back in Worsley just outside Manchester in the UK.

We extend our sincere condolences to Pauline, to their daughter Julie, grandson Sam and to the family, and will provide details of Cyril’s funeral arrangements as soon as we know them.

UPDATE -   We have been advised that Cyril’s ‘Humanitarian Service’ will be held at Agecroft Cemetery, Langley Rd, Pendlebury, Salford. M27 8SS, phone 0161-6867290;  on Monday 23rd May 2016 at 10am.

15th May

First of all my apologies for the lack of recent entries in this column.  I was off Island for several weeks visiting my 97 year old mum in North Staffordfshire and had great difficulty accessing the website administration site.  Hopefully I can now get back to normal, and would appreciate you letting us know about your own activities.

John "Coco" Eve -  While in England I paid a visit to retired Inspector "Coco" Eve and his partner, Kath, at their lovely home just outside Leek,  and as some of you may know this was just a few weeks before their arrival for a vacation in Bermuda.

Coco and Kath visit the PRC at Prospect
(l-r)  Robin Henagulph, Carlton Adams, Roger Sherratt, "Coco" Eve and Kath, "Moby" and Bron Pett
Pete and Beverly Shaw, Malcy Smith, and Dave Cook
Coco Eve and his partner, Kath,  arrived on Island on 9th May and are staying at Cambridge Beaches until 18th May.  They visited the PRC on Thursday 12th May to meet up with old friends, some of whom are photographed above.  The weather so far for their trip has been magnificent, and Kath says she has been blown away by how friendly everyone is in Bermuda, and cannot believe the number of people they bump into all over the Island who immediately recognize Coco and  chat away like he never left!   By all accounts thery are have a fabulous time and meeting up with lots of old friends and colleagues.
Mike Caulkett - Film Star!  -   In his “Then and Now” article on our website (, Mike Caulkett mentions that while in Bermuda as a young police officer he had taken part in a film to encourage tourism entitled, “The Island Nobody Wanted” in which he  appeared as a “bobby” and also as a tourist running into the sea  with an attractive young lady.  Mike wondered whatever happened to the film, and after reading his article a few days ago John Skinner has informed us that “The Island Nobody Wanted” can now be viewed on You Tube at

I just watched this nostalgic 28 minute film on You Tube and what a revelation it was to see Bermuda as it was in the 1960’s.  There are lots of quotes from Mark Twain and clips of Bermuda’s history, but what I really enjoyed were the shots of the Island at the time when I first arrived here in 1964, especially scenes of Front Street which includes a very smart young police constable directing traffic in the birdcage, and helping out a lovely young tourist get her livery cycle started.   I know who he is but I wonder how many of our readers will also be able to recognize him! If so, let’s hear from you in the Comments section below.

What is most surprising in the LACK of traffic in Hamilton back then.  There are sequences taken on the Island’s beautiful beaches, aerial views, and underwater scenes.

For those of you who know Mike there is no problem picking him out as he re-enacts one duty that unfortunately was no longer required when I arrived in 1964, and that was the issuing of “Green Tickets” to visiting young ladies wearing short shorts.

I heartily recommend that you watch this film and take a trip down memory lane.  It concludes with the immortal words of Mark Twain, “You go to heaven if you want to. I’d rather stay here … in Bermuda!”

I had no idea how many videos there are available on You Tube about Bermuda going back way further that the 1960’s, and up to today.

Two in particular that caught my eye are  “Passage to Bermuda 1963”  with great scenes of the Island and commentary by the well known American comedian, Jonathan Winters,  at

And a somewhat similar video to “The Island Nobody Wanted” filmed By Pathe Film in 1968, at

We would be interested in hearing about any other old films or videos that would be of interest to our readers.  For this reason you will find a new article in our Interesting Articles column headed "Looking Back in Time". Please feel free to add your own comments and point us in the direction of any other interesting old films on You Tube or elsewhere that capture Bermuda while you were serving here in the Bermuda Police.

14th April

The Jents visit Coco in North Staffordshire -   Mike and Carole Jent just travelled from their home in Wiltshire up to North Staffordshire last weekend to visit Coco Eve and Kath at their home in Leek, and while there they paid a visit to the famous Biddulph Grange Gardens.  

Coco meets up with Mike and Carole Jent at Biddulph Grange Park
Kath with Mike and Carole

By coincidence, I will be arriving in Biddulph - my family home -  tomorrow for a 2 week holiday with my 97 year old mother, and hope to catch Stoke playing Spurs at Brittania Stadium next week in what could be a crucial game for Spurs as the season draws to a close.  Coco and Kath will be visiting Bermuda from 9th-18th May, and they will be up at the Police Club at 4.30pm on Thursday 12th May, hoping to meet up with old friends and colleagues.

28th March

Wanted - Information on Raimondo Harrison!  -   Don Urquhardt has contacted us to enquire if we know how to contact his old mate Raimondo "Rai" Harrison. Rai visited Bermuda in 2011 and was in fighting shape  - still boxing would you believe  -  and we had his email address and phone number, but neither seem to be working.  If you know how to conact Rai please let us know.

Raimondo at our Summer BBQ in 2011

Davie and Jean Kerr -  Davie and his wife Jean are planning to visit the Island from late October - late November for our annual Police Week celebrations and also to be here on the 50th Anniversary of Davie's contingent first arriving in Bermuda on 14th November 1966. These new recruits included Barrie Mancell, Gerry Ardism Malcolm Smith, Davie, and the late George Rushe and Dave "Bones" Fraser.  Not sure what they are planning on that date.

Davie and Jean at last years reunion in Birmingham

Davie and Jean are looking for somewhere to house sit during their visit.  They are more than willing to look after pets of all kinds. If you know of somewhere please contact me at or by telephone.

15th March

Remembering Vanders  -   RHADC was packed last night for the Memorial Remembrance Reception for our good friend and colleague John Van de Weg.  Although everyone present sincerely mourned John's loss, this event turned out to be a true celebration of his life and accomplishments over what at times were almost insurmountable odds regarding his health issues.  John was never one to dwell on the negative,  and all present agreed that he would have thoroughly enjoyed the evening!  His son, Simon,  did an excellent job in recounting  John's history and describing what a great husband he had been for Mary,  a great father to his children,  Simon, Rachel and Nicholas, and what a proud grandparent he was to his lovely grandchildren, Lily and Eve.

Simon Van de Weg spoke from the heart about his dad

Tributes were given by a number of people including by Billy Butterworth who extolled John's abilities and inspiration on the rugby field as Captain of the Police Team when it was sweeping all the silverware, what a great mate he was both on and off the rugby field, and revealing what John always stored in his rugby shorts for half-time!

Rex Osborne was MC for the evening
 We will soon be posting more details of the reception and of John's life in our Hall of Fame, but in the meantime here are a few photographs taken at the reception.
Ron Beech surrounded by his family
Jim Costello, Valerie Forbes, Simon Van de Weg and Alex Forbes
Moby Pett, Pete Borland, Bron Pett and Dave Cook
Vanders Lovely Family
(l-r)  Simon, granddaughter Lily, Mary, Rachel, Nicholas and granddaughter Eve
11th March

Good News Needed!  We are only 11 days into March and we have already reported on the passing of no less that half a dozen of our former Bermuda Police Officers since the start of the year.  They are listed here but you can find out more about them by checking on our Latest News column.  

We would like to strike a balance and also report on good news stories relating to our members both locally and abroad.  We hope to hear from anyone who has positive news about themselves, such as celebrating wedding anniversaries,  getting together with grandchildren,  interesting trips, getting together with former colleagues, or even retirement after many years of working.  We look forward to hearing from you

And now for the list of our members who have passed on since the start of the year:-

Peter Blogg
Peter died last summer but we didn't receive word about his passing until January
John Van de Weg
Justine Saltus
Terry "Big Bird" DeSilva
Keith Foggo
Andrew "Andy" Hall
Please check our Latest News column for more information about these officers.

3rd March

Howard Dill  -  We hadn't heard too much recently about Howard Dill who served in the Bermuda Police from May 1955 - May 1980 but I spoke with him a few of days ago and he had just celebrated his 84th birthday (25th February). Howard and is wife, Ruth, still reside on Camp Hill.  They had three boys, one of whom has since passed away, and they now have a total of 7 grandchildren, 4 of whom live abroad, and two great-grandchildren, one of whom is here and one living abroad.

Well known Warwick Parish P.C. Howard Dill

Howard is not able to get out and about these days because of prostate problems but we chatted about the good old days when he worked in Warwick Parish, and as he says,  in those days the Parish Constables knew just about everybody  - and where to find them. Click on the following to see a photo of Howard and his fellow Parish Constables and Sergeant in our Who, When and Where column

2nd March

Ian and Maggie Graham  -  We just heard from Ian and Maggie  who returned  home recently after a holiday in Hong Kong and Australia where they visited Melbourne for the Australian Open.    Tennis of course because Ian and Maggie must be honorary members of the tennis equivalent of cricket’s “Balmy Army”!!

Scotland's "Balmy Army" raising the flag

They are super keen tennis fans, especially now that fellow Scotsman Andy Murray is playing so brilliantly.  They had tickets for both days of the quarter-finals where they saw all of the top players with the exception of Nadal who had been knocked out in the first round.

"Come on Andy"

These photos were taken in the Rod Laver arena where they saw Andy triumph against David Ferrer of Spain. He went on to win his semi-final match before facing Novak Djokovic in the final.  Djokovic must surely now be considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time and he won their final in emphatic style.

Ian and Maggie enjoy the action in the Rod Laver Arena

Ian says it’s doubtful that he and Maggie will be visiting Bermuda this year though he has clearly been a big influence on his siblings because he has one brother bringing his family to the Islands in late June, and another brother and family visiting in mid-July.

1st March

Mel Gibbons  -   We are delighted to report meeting up with Mel Gibbons and his lovely wife, Carolyn, in City Hall where they were visiting their grandaughter in the Arts Society Gallery.  You may recall that Mel underwent a 10 hour bypass operation last June that was not without its complications, and he spent some time recuperating in the New England Rehabilitation Hospital before returning home.  Mel served in the Bermuda Police from 1960 - 1985 before retiring and taking up a position working in the Supreme Court which he held for many years.

Mel and Carolyn Gibbons at City Hall

Mel says he has had to slow down and has his ups and downs but he looked great and still gets out with Carolyn.  

14th February

Peter Blogg  -    We just received an email from Ken Van Thal who had received a message on his Facebook page from Ian Blogg,  Peter's brother who lives in Australia.  Ken had apparently written to Ian asking if he could provide any further information about the circumstances surrounding Peter's death.   For anyone who knew Peter - and his sense of humour  -  there is no doubting the genetic link between the two brothers when reading Ian's comments!

"Good to hear from friends of Peter but I am also in the dark as to how he died as I live in Australia and I only have correspondence with the British consulate in Ghana and all they can tell me is that he died of natural causes. I sent them the cost of the funeral so that he had a good dignified funeral (not a stew pot) and I was told that  he only got buried in January this year and they said someone from the consulate would attend to make sure all went accordingly and take photos and send them to me along with the death certificate but I am still waiting. I have a good photo of Peter along with two local policemen in Bermuda from the early 70's I think you would like to see so ..... I'll send it off to you."
Best Regards
Ian Blogg 

As Ken so rightly says, "Ian obviously shares Bloggy's sense of humour"!


1st February

Jim Woodward  -  Following publication of our photos under the heading “Fitness Fanatics” in our ‘Who, When and Where’ column we have just heard from our good friend, former Sgt Edward “Jim” Woodward who was standing in the background of one of the photos, and who, it turned out was the main organizer of the event being held in 1980 – a 24 hour team marathon. 

Jim was a member of Rotary at the time and had been asked to organize an event  to raise funds for charity.  The team marathon was very successful, raising some $17,000 for charity.  See our “Fitness Fanatics” article at   for more information about the 24hour marathon.

Jim had joined the Bermuda Police in 1957 after serving in the North Riding Constabulary in the UK and in the Royal Military Police.  Whilst in the Force he served in Central Division, including as Parish Sergeant, and also in “B” Department and ‘A” Department, latterly as P.I. Officer.

He left the Force in 1967 and worked for 10 years as General Manager of the Rosebank Theatre,  then several other jobs here before leaving Bermuda in 1994 for North Carolina, with his wife Judy.   They finally settled in Vero Beach in October 2007 by which time their second son, Peter and his wife had two sons.

Jim Woodward and Family
(l-r)   Son Peter and his wife Julie,  Jim, son James, and two grandsons (aged 12 and 15)

Now in his 87th year,  Jim had a recent medical and had blood pressure of 112/60 and weighing 163 lbs.  He says he has slowed down with his gardening work but his memory is still good, and Judy is kept busy with her two grandsons, helping with school runs, fixing meals and entertaining them during school holidays etc.

It was great to hear from Jim and Judy and we wish them well.


31st January

ExPo Annual Reception  -   We held our annual ExPo Reception at the new Officers Mess, Prospect, on Saturday 30th January, courtesy of Commissioner Michael DeSilva, and we had an excellent turnout of at least 65-70.  We will be posting a photo album of the reception as soon as possible.  If you check our latest "Who, Where and When" photo you will see some of the attendees and you may be able to figure out what all of the group have in common - in addtion to all being present of former police officers!


22nd January

Peter Blogg -   As we reported in our "Latest News" column,  we were deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of our old friend and colleague, Peter Blogg, who died in Ghana where he had been working as a teacher.  Peter died on 24th July 2015, but we did not receive the news until just a few days ago.   For more information about Peter please go to our "Latest News" column.

P.C. Peter Blogg

Ray Sousa  -    We have heard from Ray Sousa twice in a couple of days.  First he wrote to let us know about the devastating fires sweeping West Australia.  As many of you will know, after leaving Bermuda Ray and his wife Pat settled in Western Australia where Ray has worked for many years as a Forest Ranger and has a great deal of experience fighting forest fires.  We have posted Ray's account of the recent dreadful fires in our "Interesting Articles" section.

Ray also wrote expressing his condolences on hearing about the death of Peter Blogg.  He wrote the following:-

"When I heard that Peter had died, I had a bit of a chuckle.  I can imagine a young Peter in heaven debating if God was better than him...!   I have been told that when I die some people will say, "Good old Ray."  Others will tell the truth  because I have always been controversial.  The same can be said about my mate Peter.
When he first started on the beat, he had some strange views about locals and West Indians; including those on the Force.  A number of us, including myself, considered the best way to sort him out.   I spent a lot of time with him trying to explain our point of view.  I think we reached a strange high level of respect for each other.  Despite setbacks, I saw Peter at his best being compassionate to crime and traffic accident victims.  We faced some dangerous situations together, and I could not ask for a better person to be at my side.  During investigations he occasionally saw things we missed.  It was due to this that on at least one occasion when I was a detective, and we needed another Officer for a job, I requested Peter.
Our strange, but strong friendship even lead to Peter attending our wedding and visiting our home a number of times.
Peter Blogg and a young lady with Ray and Pat Sousa at their wedding
I sincerely wish Peter's family and friends all the best.  If you ever come to Western Australia, set a time we can catch up.

10th January

Terry Cabral  -  We are relieved and delighted to hear directly from our good friend Terry that he is now home and is recovering from his recent heart surgery.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

Terry Cabral

4th January

Ian Graham - We are always delighted to receive photos and information about what our colleagues are doing during the Festive Season, and our good friend Ian Graham has written to say that he and Maggie had a great time hosting a Hogmanay fancy dress dinner party at their home on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Dolly Parton (Maggie) and Elvis Presley (Ian)

Florence, Dolly and Elvis with Friends

Ian sent us these photos which includes two of his family members on the two ends, and in the middle (l-r)  Florence Nightingale aka Sue Wale who many of us will remember from her days in the Emergency Department at KEMH;  Dolly Parton who bears a remarkable resemblance to Maggie Graham,  and there’s no doubting the lithe looks of the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley aka Ian himself.  Great photos and obviously a fabulous Hogmanay.

Ian sends very best wishes for 2016 to all of our members and myself. 

1st January 2016

Davie Kerr  -  We had not heard from Davie Kerr for some time and wondered if he and Jean might have been impacted by the terrible floods in the UK.  Here is his reply:-

Davie and Jean Kerr

I've been rather busy with other things so haven't been on the Former Fuzz website for a while, but will get back on to it once things settle down.

We've been lucky in Lochaber from a flooding point of view, chiefly (I suspect) because most of our area is so steep that the rain just scooshes right down the hillsides into the sea, but the Borders and the NE have been hammered this time. I'm about to e-mail Iain Morrison who lives over there, and see if he's survived unscathed.

We've had some flurries of snow, and there's currently a wee scliff of it on the hills just across the loch, but not much below the 2000' mark although I suspect we may get some lower down over the weekend: just as well we have a 4x4!

Sorry that various minor medical problems combined to prevent our usual Autumn visit to Bermuda this year, but we do plan on returning next year as it's the 50th anniversary of my crew joining the Police. IF (and I repeat IF!) all goes according to plan, we'll be over in time for Police Week and leave again after 14 November, the anniversary date, so please "pass de vurd" around for any house-sits for all or part of that period: assuming that Police Week is going to be the first full week of October -  let's say 30 September through 16 November.

We did manage a couple of short trips to Europe earlier in the year (both by train, naturally!): the first was to Paris for Jean's birthday in April, and the second was over to Germany and Austria in August. Even since Jean was a teenager and heard the song "April in Paris", she's wanted to be kissed under the Eiffel Tower for her birthday, but she never thought she'd have to wait until she was 70 to have it done! 

Eric (my older son) planned to be over here for my 70th in Sep, but then found out that I was supposed to be in Bermuda, so brought his trip forward and we were able to meet in Austria, which was (as the Irish would say) "good craic"! Jean had never been to Austria before, loved it, and wants to go back, so we'll see what can be done.

Anyway, all the very best to you, yours, and the Former Fuzz for 2016, and we hope to see you in October

Cheers. Davie & Jean.